Hot stamping foil
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Product description

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PET hot stamping foil.(hot stamping paper)
Thickness:16 micron.
Suitable for special adhesive pre-coated textiles: Finest lines and designs

Hot Stamping Foil  For composite paper 

Main characteristics 

- Good adhesion on BOPP and PVC composite paper
- Suitable for over-stamping
- Printable after stamping
- High gloss and fine definition on all pattern
- Fine definition with high stamping speed and application on all commonly used graphic machine

Files of Application:
Packaging for wine, cigar, and confectionery, greeting cards, BOPP or some PVC laminated cardboards and papers

Textile Stamping foil 

Main Characteristics
- foil thickness is 12micron~16micron 
- suitable for special adhesive pre-coated textiles: Finest lines and designs
- good results in laundry test (can be machine washed 7times for 30min, under 50centigrade water)
- heat resistance (>200centigrade)
- High gloss

Cold Stamping foil

Advantages of cold stamping foil

  • Cold stamping can be performed during the printing process

  • Doesn't require a hot stamping station or specialist knowledge

  • Requires only printing plates - no stamping tools needed

  • No make-ready work is required on the machines

  • Also allows temperature-sensitive materials, e.g. inmold labels or shrink labels, to be decorated

  • Permits the printing of half-tones and gradient tones

  • High finishing speeds of 60-120 m/min can be achieved 

Cold Stamping with Laserzj

 Laserzj cold stamping foils possess the same quality characteristics you have come to expect from our hot stamping foils, and offer fine edge definition and impressive gloss. Even at high stamping speeds, the foil releases easily consequently guaranteeing a clean transfer.

Cold Foil Printing is an in-line process that is used on rotary letterpress, web offset and rotary flexographic presses closely duplicating hot foil stamping. Cold foil printing is faster and does not require the cost of dies associated with hot foil stamping.