Multi lens film
multi lens film
Product description

Zhejiang Zhongjia Technology Co.,ltd.We can produce and supply pet holographic film,bopp holographic film,pv holographic film,holography film,holographic films,bopp metalized film,pet metalized film,cpp metalized film,hot stamping foil,cold stamping foil,holographic paperboard,PET multi lens film,pp multi lens film,pvc multi lens film, Laminated film,Primer coated film,metalized film/PE film. 
3D Multi Lens Films-over 10 Designs to choose from  enhance product value by appearing in holographic visual effects. 

Multi lens film 

  • Current applications on products such as magazine, books,paper boxes, greeting cards, enhance product value by appearing in holographic visual effects. multi lens film ideal for laminating with paper for application on gift bags, gift boxes, stationery and all types of paper wrapping products.We main produce and supply PET multi lens film(Fresnel lens film),PP multi lens film,PVC multi lens film,EVA multi lens film.

  • Holographic films -Wide Web stock Designs patterns for lamination with paper,board,film also overprinted for making boxes,bags,pouches,printed laminates used in alcohol,cosmetics,toiletries etc

  • We offer Transparent -HRI -holographic films for over lamination over printer paper,board,film to enhance the background with 3 dimensional images

  • Metalized,colored Holographic multi lens  films for overprinting and lamination etc.

  • Over 50 designs to choose from also Custom Design developed at low cost and quick time

  • Thickness:Pet multi lens film 16 micron and 28 micron,,PP multi lens film 80 micron,PVC multi lens film 80 micron,100 micron,200 micron.EVA multi lens film 100 micron.

  • Width maximum 1600mm standard 500/700/1000mm

  • list of available designs can be sent by email

  • Custom Designs in quick and cheap prices.